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September 13, 2012
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Flowers in Wonderland 1 by TsukiREN96 Flowers in Wonderland 1 by TsukiREN96
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50 years ago, a girl named Maya Rosella found an ancient mirror in the attic of her family's mansion. Curios, she touched it and was suddenly sucked inside into another world,Eternal Land of Flowers. There she met and made friends with the Mad Hatter, Dormouse, March Hare, Cheshire Cat and Gatekeeper. She journeyed through the Field of Neutrality and met the warring kingdoms of Four Royals of Eternal Blooms. The King of Day, White Club, is the king with the power to control the day. The King of Night, Black Spade, is the king with the power to control the night. The Queen of Time, Blue Diamond, is the queen with the ability to manipulate time. The Queen of Space, Red Heart, is the queen with the ability to manipulate space. During that time, the Black King starts a war against the two Queens to attain to precious items that belongs them, the Pure Mirror and Time Orb, to gain control of the Eternal Land of Flowers. Maya Rosella with her friends had helped the two queens to prevail over the Black King and ended the war between them. How she did that is a secret. The main thing is that Blue Diamond gave her the throne of Queen of Time for she was disappearing away due to some reasons. However, something expelled Maya Rosella away from the land eternally. She had brought along the crown of of the former Queen of Time, a silk navy ribbon studded with diamonds. That effectively did a permanent damage on the Eternal Land of Flowers. Also, the two items went missing after her banishment...

50 years later, the descendant of Maya Rosella, Maya Rossa was given an old family heirloom on her 15th birthday. It was a silk navy ribbon studded with diamonds. Days later, Rossa felt sleepy when her elder cousin, Dewi Kirana read her a story under a tree. In a usual AIW fashion, she saw a rabbit beckoning her to come with him. The rest will be revealed soon in the doujin.

Flowers in Wonderland

Terms used:-

- Royal = The creatures born along with the creation of the Eternal Land of Flowers. Blessed with powers and abilities. Currently there are four living Royals.
- Petal = The domain and kingdom of the Royals
- Field of Neutrality = The land where creatures born there owes no loyalty to any Royal Kingdoms. They may choose whoever Royal they want. The land was supposed to be the fifth Petal, for the fifth Royal, Crystal Illusions, the supposed Empress of Flowers.
- Neutrals = A term for creatures born outside any four Petals, has a flower-shaped mark
- Blacks = A term for creatures born in the Black Petal, has a black mark
- Whites = A term for creatures born in the White Petal, has a white mark
- Reds = A term for creatures born in the Red Petal, has red mark
- Blues = A term for creatures born in the Blue Petal, has a blue mark
- Flowers = The female creatures of Eternal Land of Flowers
- Beetles = The male creatures of Eternal Land of Flowers

Character list:-

1) Maya Rossa/Malaysia = The main heroine of the doujin. She is the direct descendant of Maya Rosella, the first human who entered Eternal Land of Flowers. She is also the first girl born after Maya Rosella. Her character would be practical, headstrong, with no nonsense of being bossed around by anyone. She despised the fairy tales passed down through her family, notably the one told by her Great-grandmother, Maya Rosella. She hates her given first name, Maya, because it means "illusions", and forced others to call her Rossa instead. She is fond of her favorite elder cousin, Dewi Kirana. She is very against the idea of being a perfect lady, and would prefer to do manly stuff like riding, fencing and hunting. As a compromise with her parents, she would endure all the training to become a lady and was allowed to enjoy her preferred hobbies. She is an excellent hunter, capable of fending herself with a sword, and is very sharp-mouthed. Her main weapon is a sword. Her main attack is fast and powerful kicks. She is the prophesied Human Savior.

2) Maya Rosella/Malacca (Himaruya's sketch of Malaysia) = The first human that entered Eternal Land of Flowers. She was a cheerful, friendly, yet bad-tempered lady that befriended everyone in the other world. She loves stories and fairy tales. Unlike Rossa, she believes all girls must become an unknowing angel. She did not realize that she had fallen for Mad Hatter, she simply dismissed the urge to be with him as a sibling-like love for him. Has a secret "ability". After banished from Eternal Land of Flowers, she recalls her memories of being there as childish fantasies and imagination. However, she wrote them down in a diary that was passed down to future generations (her only son, her grandchild, Rossa) along with the queen's diamond crown. Actually, Rosella was supposed to be one of the Royals of the Flowers. Her kingdom would be on the Field of Neutrality. But she was born as a human instead. Should she be a royal, she would have been Crystal Illusions, Empress of Flowers. On her deathbed, for reasons unknown she told her only son to give the name Maya to any first female child that was born in her bloodline. Her main weapon is a specially made metal fan to protect herself. Her slaps, smacks and pinches are universally feared among the Royals of the Flowers. Rossa inherited that no-nonsense attitude from her She is the prophesied Mother of Savior

3) Mad Hatter/England = The bubbly and crazy Royal Hatter for the Royals. A great friend and brother figure of Rosella and is secretly in love with her. Fond of cakes and teas to the extreme and hates Cheshire Cat's guts. Initially annoyed with Rossa but developed some mysterious feelings towards her as time progresses on. His character is what you would call "amazingly wacky to the extreme" yet "very gentlemanly when you get to know him". Actually Mad Hatter is the General Black, the most trusted right-hand man of Black Spade, the general for the best and strongest army of Eternal Land of Flowers. As General Black, he is reclusive and discreet figure and never reveals his identity to the other Generals. The reasons for disguising himself as Mad Hatter is unknown. But it is believed that he initiated the war between the Royals by infecting Black Spade with Black Madness. His goal is to destroy the current Eternal Land of Flowers so Crystal Illusions(Maya Rosella) would be reborn as one of them. He was supposed to be the Emperor of Flowers by uniting with Crystal Illusions. His main weapon is a long sword, and a handgun. He is the prophesied Madman of Misfortune

4) Red Heart/Philippines = The loving and kind Queen of Space, with a fearsome capability to destroy Eternal Land of Flowers if her emotions are very unstable. A sister figure to Rosella and often looks up to Blue Diamond for guidance. She is romantically involved with White Club, but is unable to further their relationship due to her position as one of the Royals (Royals must never marry, or else they will disappear). She formed an unbreakable alliance with White Club and Blue Diamond against Black Spade, but never hated Black Spade because her instinct told her that her fellow Royal member was manipulated by someone. Her General is General Red, an easygoing and happy person who was like a father to her. Her item is Pure Mirror, an object with a massive power stored inside. She was not included in the Prophesy.

5) Blue Diamond/Indonesia = The forgiving and currently the most powerful and influential Royal, she is the Queen of Time. She has the ability to foresee the future in clear and complete detail, and was the one who prophesied the arrival of Maya Rosella, Black Spade's betrayal, and the final Prophesy. The final Prophesy is "When the Mother of Savior arrives, the Time will turn. The Madman of Misfortune will succeed, and the Black Madness will spread. Our only hope is the Human Savior. May the destruction be stopped for the sake of the children". She loves all her Royal members equally and had fallen for White Club's general, General White. Their forbidden love caused her to gradually disappear, which forced her to give up her throne to Maya Rosella. She had faith on Rosella and believed that she will return for the sake of the Eternal Land of Flowers. She knew about the Fifth Royal's accident of birth but decided to keep it a secret so the Prophecy would happen. Her General is General Blue, a serious and straightforward man who loves her dearly. She was oblivious to that feeling....Too bad. Her item is the Time Orb, similar to Pure Mirror. She was not included in the Prophesy.

6) White Club/Brunei = The innocent and naive King of Day, he was head over heels for Red Heart. He is rather close to Rosella but is often scared of her. He was the purest of all Royals. His general is General White, a chummy and awesome man who loves to have a great time. He was not included in the Prophesy.

7) Black Spade/Singapore = The silent and businesslike King of Night. He was infected with Black Madness by Mad Hatter aka General Black. He was destined to be Rossa's lover if she prevails against General Black. He is extremely powerful, actually capable of making Blue Diamond looked like a weak child in comparison. He was implied in the Prophesy, as Black Madness.

8) General Red/Spain = Refer to Red Heart.

9) General Blue/Netherlands = Refer to Blue Diamond.

10) General White/Australia = Refer to White Club.

11) Cheshire Cat/America = An animal born in the Field of Neutrality. He is capable of shifting back from cat to human-like figure. Can turn invisible at will. Smiling is his second nature. Loves annoying Mad Hatter to death. Was found as a dying kitten by Mad Hatter and nursed back to health. He owes his life and loyalty to Mad Hatter. Manipulated as well by Mad Hatter. Fond of being stroked by girls (Rossa, Rosella, Red Heart, Blue Diamond, etc, etc). Doesn't know the meaning of fear, oblivious to surroundings. After infected by Black Madness, he transforms into a monster and nearly kills Rosella until her "ability" saves him.

12) Dewi Kirana/Indonesia OC = Maya Rossa's eldest cousin, who is an established lady and is currently the most sought after young bride of all time. Her beauty was often compared with a goddess. She is in love with a young earl, Earl Jack Kirkland, but was often courted by a duke, Duke Willem . She is extremely fond and protective of Maya, and is Maya's closest and most trusted friend. She loves teasing Maya on how a bold girl like her will never get a man in her life!XD

Dormouse/Malaysia OC/Adam Azfar belongs to *Kishizaki-kun
Gatekeeper/Malaysia OC/Nina binti Khairuddin belongs to ~MizukiAoiVV
March Hare/Malaysia OC/Azizi Rafiedan belongs to *Huntress-Ellie21
Mad Hatter/APH England and Cheshire Cat/America belongs to Himaruya
Maya Rossa/Malaysia OC and Dewi Kirana/Indonesia OC belongs to me
Maya Rosella/Himaruya's sketch of Malaysia
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